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There is a wide array of useful storage devices depending on the size of your kitchen chef knife collection. You may be ok with a simple plastic case made to fit the size knives you own now (in which case it would be acceptable to be placed in that drawer with every other implement of food preparation). If you have more knifes and counter space allows then a knife block is a good choice. They come in various shapes and sizes and if you are purchasing a set of quality kitchen chef knives then you may even be able to purchase one that fits your collection perfectly. There are different types of Chef Knifes; they are Paring, Utility Knife, Fillet, Bread, Boning, Cleaver, Scallped, Serrated, Granton, Shaping, Chef, etc. Other choices would be trays with slots for each knife that will neatly fit in various size kitchen drawers or even magnetic wall mounted units where your knives are prominently displayed.